Warm weather and sunshine are coming our way! I know I'm feeling better and better just spending extra time outside and trying to get back to the normal swing of things. Now that spring is in full force, I've started reaching out to a few of my wonderful couples as well and it's been so lovely hearing everyone's plans about making love work no matter what. If you are looking for an Alberta photographer to capture whatever special moments life has thrown your way in 2021, I'm excited to celebrate with you. You can contact me here to check availability and ask any questions you might have about your session. Although I love to photograph weddings, they aren't the only couples in love! For some of you, you may be getting ready to welcome a new addition into your family. Maternity photos are an incredibly special way to document this time of your life. Today, I want to share some advice on what to wear for maternity photos.

Blue jean dress in maternity photos

Maternity Dresses For Photoshoot

I love when my moms-to-be where maternity dresses during their photoshoot. Whether your style is more fitted or flowy, you are going to want to show off that bump! You also shouldn't feel limited to just one outfit for the maternity photoshoot either. We will definitely have time for at least one outfit change. It might surprise you, but I also often help my clients dress for their session. Over the past year, I've started accumulating different dresses for you to wear during your session. You can get a little sneak peak of my client closet in my Instagram highlights here.

The absolute most important thing is that you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing. I want you to feel like your most glowy goddess self during our session and that is always the priority over wearing the "right" outfit. When you are looking at maternity dresses for your photoshoot, keep in mind that we can also pose you so that you are showing off the baby bump if your outfit doesn't naturally do so. You don't need to wear anything too tight if that doesn't feel right.

Couple Maternity Photos in front of Lake

Maternity Photo Outfit Ideas (with your partner)

Next, a few tips for styling yourself with your partner. I highly recommend getting a few stunning solo shots to celebrate you and your incredible body (birth really is a miracle!) but we definitely want to include your partner in the session to document this milestone together too. You can choose to do something matching, but personally I love when couples choose outfits that compliment each other. If you are wearing a dress in earthy neutrals, he/she should be too. If you are wearing something comfortable and casual, they should match the vibe. With that in mind, the same is true for them that is true for you: if you feel good, you'll look good. Feeling comfortable will always look best in the photos.

Black and White Maternity Photos
Blue flowy dress during Alberta maternity photoshoot
Black and white maternity couples photos

Alberta Maternity Photos

As you start to brainstorm and get excited about your maternity photos, try to take some time and just enjoy these moments. Maternity photos are the perfect way to freeze this moment in time. If you are looking for an Alberta maternity photographer, I would be honored to be considered. You can contact me here and we can get you on my calendar! If you are looking for more maternity outfit inspiration, check out my portfolio here. Or, if you are a fellow maternity photographer, make sure to check out this Motherhood Workshop I am putting together with Shantelle Louise Photography.

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