Family photography is now so common that it’s difficult to remember a time when cameras weren’t around. Most people have at least one, and many have more than just the one once you start to count our cell phones. Cameras are everywhere now - from phones to laptops to watches! Even though more and more people are documenting every moment of every day, taking time to capture professional family portraits is still so important. As a mom, I'm telling you that there aren't enough photos of YOU in them. This time is so precious. So... stop saying, "we don't have time" (trust me, I get it) and make it work. I've got you covered - I'll walk you through a few of my favourite tips here.

Before I get too into the details, a super quick introduction. I'm Dawn, a portrait and wedding photographer based just south of Edmonton, in beautiful Central Alberta. I travel all across our stunning province always in search of the most magical locations and documenting the dreamiest love stories. To read more about me and my journey into photography, click here. Or for more details on pricing and photography packages, head here for all the details.

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Fall Family Photos in Alberta

If you are only going to take family photos once a year, the summer and fall seasons are a good place to start here in Alberta. Although you can never predict the weather, the beautiful landscapes we have look their best in the summer and fall each year. Seriously, I know I'm biased but outdoor photos with our classic prairies backdrop never gets old. It looks like pure magic - especially if you read my advice here on what time of day to book your photo shoot. But bottom line, it is all about the light (and trust me, photographers get a little mystic when we talk light).

I know you may need to consider bed time, soccer practices and a million other things that you have on your daily schedule. But if you can book your family photos at a time when there isn't something immediately before and after, it will help you stay a lot more present in the moment. I want you to enjoy the process as much as you enjoy looking back on your photos.

Choosing a Location for your Family Photos

As a mom myself, I know that even choosing a location can feel like another chore. This is where I am going to encourage you to trust me and ask your photographer for advice. I am based in Camrose area but I travel all over Central Alberta and I have collected quite a few favourite spots (both near and far from where you already are). And to be honest? There is no shortage of open fields around here in Alberta so if you are short on time and can't travel to a dreamy location, we can make magic where ever you are.

Taking a Few "Parents" Photos During a Family Photo Session

I also love to take photos of "just the parents" during a family photo shoot. As a mom of 4 myself, I promise there are plenty of pictures around of just the children. It is important to remember that although your children will be part of the family photo session, they aren't THE family. The photos that you take should reflect who you are as a couple, and capture moments between just your spouse and you. Even if it's only a brief moment - you deserve to be celebrated!

Alberta Photographer for Family Portraits

I hope you can tell how much I love photographing families by now. I feel like as a mom myself, I know how fast the time flies and how you can truly never document enough memories. Seriously. I want you to have so many photos that in five, ten, twenty years you can look back and remember each and every precious smile. It's honestly what gets me out of bed in the morning. If you are reading this nodding your head and wondering when you will have time for this, I encourage you to contact me here and we can chat about different day when a family photo shoot might work. I really am here to help - you don't need to have everything figured out before you get in touch.