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farm wedding in Alberta

Dreamy Farm Wedding in Alberta

I could not be more thrilled to bring you Ebony and Cole’s dreamy farm wedding in Alberta on the blog today. The photos below are just the sneak peeks – and every time I sit down to edit more of their beautiful wedding photos I get more and more excited. These two were a dream to photograph and as a farmer’s wife myself, I can’t help but adore the backdrops in their couple’s portraits below (keep scrolling for all of the Rural and rolling hills wedding photos). If you’ve been debating getting married on a family farm or hosting your wedding on an acreage here in Alberta, you’re among friends here.

I would love to learn more about your wedding day vision and photograph you too! Connect with me here or come say hello over on Instagram where I’m always sharing the BTS of farm life and my latest wedding days.

Getting Ready Photos + Farm Wedding Details

Ebony and Cole exude beauty from the inside out, and their wedding day was the perfect reflection of it. As I arrived at their family farm, I couldn’t help but capture every intricate detail: from the exquisite bouquet to the breathtaking wedding invitations adorned with their engagement photos. There’s an undeniable sense of nostalgia and intimacy when a couple chooses a family property for their special day, and this celebration was no exception. Each room overflowed with pure joy.

Gorgeous Farm Wedding Photos

Sometimes there are just no words. As I look back at some of the couple’s portraits we took, it leaves me a little speechless. The intricacies of their love, the genuine emotions that radiate from their eyes, and the tender moments frozen in time, all leave me in awe. If you’re wondering what your farm wedding photos will look like, especially if your property is set on one of the rolling hills in Southern Alberta, just know that your options are endless. Whether you’re looking for romantic outdoor portraits or fun sunset photos, I’m here to capture all the beautiful moments!

Fun Wedding Party Portraits

As a wedding photographer, I understand that one of the biggest concerns couples have is that they will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. They may be afraid of looking silly or awkward and worry that their photos won’t look natural. On top of that, I understand that couples don’t want to feel like they are posing endlessly for hours in the middle of their wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I always strive to create an atmosphere that is fun and relaxing. I focus on creating relaxed poses and candid moments to capture photos that are full of joyful emotion and real smiles. For Ebony and Cole, their wedding party made my job easy. They were on board with every idea I had, and they were so comfortable in front of the camera that we got amazing shots with minimal effort.

An Outdoor Tented Wedding Reception

Finally, their wedding day finished off with a gorgeous outdoor tented wedding reception, which was complete with rustic, boho, and romantic elements (don’t ever listen to advice saying you have to choose – mixing and matching to create a unique and personal-to-you aesthetic is always encouraged!). From the frame window welcome sign to the twinkling string lights that lit up the dance floor, everything was perfection. The donut wedding cake was also a hit between guests, and was such a fun alternative theme (without giving up that classic “wedding cake” feel). From their grand entrance to their last dance of the night, Ebony and Cole were all smiles. It was the most incredible day!

Planning a Farm Wedding in Alberta

I know I might be biased, but farm weddings and acreage weddings in Alberta are always some of my favorite to photograph. There’s something so special about the openness of Alberta farmland, and I love finding ways to capture that unique atmosphere in photos. Whether it be a rustic barn wedding or an outdoor ceremony with the Rocky Mountains in the background, farm weddings offer endless possibilities for beautiful photos! If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your own wedding, please connect with me here. And come find me on Instagram where I will inevitably share more photos from this gorgeous wedding.

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