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Sweet + Unique Farm Wedding Ideas in Alberta

On today’s blog, I want to share some of my favorite photos from a farm wedding last year, and share some wedding ideas in case you are considering a farm wedding for yourself! As a farmer’s wife myself (and a wedding photographer!), I personally love weddings in the great outdoors and will never stop appreciating our gorgeous rural backdrops out here in the country. In my opinion, a farm wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding day surrounded by stunning views and all of nature’s beauty.

From an intimate gathering around a bonfire to a rustic barn reception, there are endless possibilities. Some of my favorite moments from this wedding was when I got to take their wedding portraits with their horse! I’ve had dogs join in on portrait sessions (always encouraged!) but this was a first for me!

5 Unique Farm Wedding Ideas

While I hope you’re feeling inspired by this wedding alone (I know I was!), here are 5 more farm wedding ideas for you to consider!

Barn Wedding Venues

One of the biggest draws of a farm wedding is, of course, the venue. Whether it’s an actual functioning farm or a beautiful barn conversion, a barn reception holds a magical atmosphere that is hard to replicate anywhere else. Barn weddings are particularly popular and can be styled in many different ways, depending on your aesthetic too. You can opt for a rustic and bohemian vibe with lots of natural elements, such as wildflowers and wooden accents, or you can make it more luxurious with elegant drapes, chandeliers, and plush furniture. The possibilities are endless!

Bring in the Animals (I love a bride and her horse!)

Where are my fellow horse-obsessed ladies? If you’re an animal lover, incorporating farm animals into your wedding décor is a unique and fun way to personalize your special day. While I loved this wedding because it let me see this sweet creature in real life, you can also place farm animals or illustrative elements on your invitations or wedding signage. I’ve also seen mini animal figurines double as place card holders or be part of an escort card display!

Pick-Your-Own Flowers

If you’re going for a natural and organic theme, why not let your guests pick their own flowers? This is a unique idea that can add a personal touch to your wedding. You can arrange for the ceremony to be held in a flower garden or a field that allows for flower picking. Have a few buckets and gardening scissors on hand and let your guests create their own floral arrangements. It’s eco-friendly, fun, and gives your guests a gorgeous keepsake to take home. I’d prefer that over almost any other wedding favors!

Long Farm Tables and Family-Style Dining

Farm weddings are perfect for a family-style dining experience, with long farm tables and shared platters. Long tables can be decorated with greenery, candles, and rustic elements such as vintage metal pails, wooden slabs, mason jars – you name it. Pick up some mismatched placemats and cutlery that will add to the unique rustic feel and let guests serve each other directly from large platters.

Farmyard Games

Finally, a great way to entertain your guests at a farm wedding is with some traditional farmyard games. I may be partial as you know I love the outdoor life (and love spending quality time with my own four kiddos!), but when you choose to get married on an acreage or on a farm you have plenty of space to enjoy a game of horseshoes, giant Jenga or even a hay-bale toss. These games are not only enjoyable, but they can also get your guests interacting, laughing and having fun together. Talk about a memorable cocktail hour!

Keep scrolling for more ideas and some unexpected benefits of a farm wedding…

Benefits of a Farm Wedding in Alberta

In case you need more motivation to consider a farm wedding in Alberta, here are a few more reasons to love them!

  1. Room to Roam: Farm weddings give you lots of room to create your dream wedding. With outdoor ceremonies, picturesque cocktail hours and large receptions all taking place on the same property, your wedding flows seamlessly without feeling rushed or cluttered. You can create a unique atmosphere for each element of your special day, making sure every moment of your wedding is as memorable and exciting as you envision it to be. Plus, with all the extra space you have available, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with decorations and other personal touches that make your farm wedding unique and special to you.
  2. Guests can Stay Overnight: Have you ever wanted a slumber party with 200 of your closest family and friends? Encourage guests to bring a tent and your wedding weekend can feel like a destination wedding away where you can celebrate and enjoy the company of your closest people. Plus – then nobody has to worry about calling an Uber!
  3. Uninterrupted Joy: And the best part? There are no curfews to cut off your celebration and no rules to restrict your joy. You can dance under the star-kissed sky, share stories around the bonfire, and create memories until the sun peeks over the horizon. It’s your night to shine, unhindered and unending.

Farm Weddings in Alberta

No matter what type of wedding you are planning, I believe that a farm wedding can provide the perfect backdrop. Besides the obvious bonus of having plenty of space for setting up and taking photos, there is something magical about celebrating surrounded by nature. As an Alberta wedding photographer and a farmer’s wife, I’m partial to a farm wedding as it captures the beauty of life in the countryside among lush fields and stunning landscapes. While logistically it can feel like a lot to set up, the results are so worth it!

If you are considering having your wedding on a farm or in some other outdoor setting, connect with me here – I am more than happy to help make your vision come true. With years of experience behind me and my deep understanding of rural Alberta settings, I will ensure that your special day is captured in all its natural glory. Find me on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes farm life too.

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