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Edmonton winter engagement photos

Idyllic Outdoor Winter Engagement Photos

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer weather (I know I am!), but before we know it, fall will be here and it will be time to start thinking about winter engagement photos! The winter months can be a beautiful time for outdoor engagement photos! I love taking advantage of the fresh snowfall and the unique backdrop it provides. Last year, I had the privilege of capturing some truly stunning shots of couples against the winter landscape. The muted colors in the snowy backgrounds contrasted beautifully with the vibrant warmth of each couple’s affection for one another. I can’t wait to share one of my favorite winter engagement sessions with you on the blog.

If we haven’t met yet, hello! I’m Dawn, the one taking the photos here at Dawn Kathryn Photography. I’m so excited you’re here! As a photographer, my passion is to capture life’s precious moments in a meaningful, artistic way. My goal is to make your photo shoot an enjoyable and stress-free experience while capturing genuine emotion that will last for years to come. Whether it be family, couples, maternity or newborn photography – I strive to create beautiful works of art that will be treasured for a lifetime. After all, your engagement is a special time in your life. Let’s chat soon!

Winter Engagement PhotFo Tips

While cold weather can be a challenge – with dark days and chilly temperatures – with the right tips, you can still get beautiful and unique winter engagement photos. Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of winter engagement photo sessions.

Warm Up Your Outfits: One way to combat the cold is to dress warm and cozy! Think layers, sweaters, boots, hats, and scarves – whatever you need to stay warm while still looking beautiful in your photos.

Capture Natural Light: Although it gets dark early in the winter months, finding natural light is key for taking gorgeous photos. Look for places close by that may have good lighting indoors or around sunset outdoors (sunsets can add a beautiful golden hour glow). Don’t worry – I can help you with that! You just need to put on your coats and get ready to take advantage of those few hours of afternoon sunshine!

Choose Unique Locations: Snowy backdrops provide stunning scenery and create memorable photos. Seek out unique locations nearby such as forests covered in snow or brick walls or pretty buildings with snow-capped roofs. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here either, trust me when I say we can find a beautiful backdrop anywhere. But I personally like unique locations where we won’t be trying to have a photoshoot in the middle of a crowd!

Have Fun With Props: Get creative with props like blankets that match your outfits or winter themed items like sleds and hot cocoa mugs for something extra special during your session! You can also bring along furry friends if they’re willing participants for some adorable snaps. If you keep scrolling you’ll see that for this shoot they brought a gorgeous plaid blanket that really popped against the white snow!

Make it Playful: Don’t be afraid to have some fun! Go for a snowball fight or make snow angels – whatever brings out the best in you both, do that! Having some playful moments during your photoshoot will give you lots of laughter and smiles, as well as some natural poses. It can make for amazing candid shots that capture the real you!

Winter Engagement Photos Are Gorgeous!

Although I love the summer and all it brings, there’s something special about capturing winter engagement photos. There’s a certain cozy, yet magical feeling that comes with a crisp winter day. It adds an extra layer of romance to the photos and really emphasizes the beauty of the season. I promise to help you forget the cold (and make sure you’re bundled up in your sweaters, jackets, and boots) and we can capture your engagement photos outside among an idyllic snowy backdrop. If you are recently engaged contact me to chat about engagement photos so we can start planning your dream session together! Or, for more seasonal inspiration (and BTS shots and lifestyle stuff), come find me on Instagram.

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